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A Natural Solution for a Sustainable Future

The OMA is an industry body sustained through the efforts of its members and supported by grants and collaborations.  OMA promotes the use of Oil Mallees (genetically improved native eucalypts) for integrated agro-forestry and sustainable land management practices.  

Oil Mallee is custodian of the Oil Mallee database which contains details of plantings across all Oil Mallee regions, complete with details of growers, species planted and other issues of interest.  

The OMA is constantly improving the manner in which the information is kept and managed and respects the need to maintain confidentiality of growers identity, location and details of the resource. This important information reflects the most valuable asset of the OMA; the knowledge and commitment of the growers themselves.  

OMA is now collaborating with a wide range of partners to ensure that policy parameters and guidelines are not detrimental to the opportunities that might be available to farmers.


13 July 2012

Oil Mallee Australia was supported by Lotterywest and Caring for Our Country to put our database of oil mallee growers online.  Just yesterday growers were sent an email allowing them access to their records so they can update their oil mallee planting details.   If you are a grower and you have not received an email to activate your logon, please contact Karen Hunter on 9433 1244 or  so we can update your email address. 

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Join the OMA to learn more about the industry and get privileged access to services as they develop. Membership is open to all interested parties and entitles the member to information bulletins and the opportunity to attend workshops and events at discounted prices.

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The OMA is developing services to assist members and interested parties.   We have just launched our online database for growers to update their details (see logon above).  As an industry association we take an active role in policy discussions and represent our members on relevant committees and panels. The OMA also instigates policy reviews and is in constant contact with Commonwealth agencies and lobby organisations. more

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