Grant from DAFF

Grant from DAFF 01 May 2010

The OMA has secured funding from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to develop reliable NCAT default values for mallees (NCAT is the National Carbon Accounting Toolbox which enables prospective growers to estimate the growth potential for mallees in different regions throughout Australia).  Once an emissions trading scheme is established, growers can be allocated an assumed total potential growth for the project and the carbon sequestered depending on the project description, including whether the trees will be harvested or not.  The OMA is working closely with the CSIRO on this project.

The funding has been provided under the Forest Industries Climate Change Research Fund (FICCRF) and is also supported financially by the Wheatbelt NRM, Forest Products Commission and Landgate. Substantial in-kind support will also be received from the CRC Future Farm Industries, Northern Agricultural Catchment Council, South Coast NRM and South West Catchment Council and other groups.  This project will require a major allocation of resources and time from the OMA.


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