Caring for our Country Grant

Caring for our Country Grant 31 Jan 2011

The OMA was awarded a Caring for our Country (CFOC) grant in late 2010; the project involves reviewing the Code of Practice to increase adoption of integrated planting. The OMA has launched the review of the Mallee Cropping Code of Practice; the process will involve consultation across industry, government and farming groups to develop a Best Practice Guide to serve as an industry standard.  A series of “factsheets” will also be developed.  As part of this review, the OMA is also aware that farmers and landowners require tools and skills to engage as individuals in the CFI and will be developing these tools (including advice on carbon pooling) to be trialled in early 2011.  The project will run over 18 months and will involve a number of key engagement activities in the various OM regions.  The project is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry, regional NRM groups, the CRC Future Farm Industries, and the Forest Products Commission.


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